The French high school MLF Bahrein is a school located in the Muarraq district. A phase of work and reconstruction allows today to have a new school, equipped with the latest educational technologies and expanding in terms of staff.

From the Petite Section to the Terminal (series S and ES), the French high school is the only school approved by the French Ministry of National Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It dispenses French programs in a very international context. A multilingual course from kindergarten meets the motto of the French Secular Mission “Two cultures, three languages”.

The management team welcomes you with the ambition to strive a little more towards excellence, with a new project of establishment 2019-2024.

In the spirit of the humanist values of our educational and educational project, our commitment is to promote the development of the potential of each, of each, in a climate of demand, trust, listening, tolerance and respect. Cultural openness, a sense of solidarity, effort, work, rigour, pleasure to learn, consideration of the person as a whole, the ambition to succeed at his potential in a multilingual and intercultural world, to take responsibility and gain autonomy for his future life, personal and professional, such is our ambition and our mission towards the student who integrates the French high school MLF of Bahrain.

In addition, in order to better support students in their schooling, the French high school offers daily courses in learning or deepening French to our students and also to the parents of students who wish to do so.

The school’s website aims to restore the life of the school in all its diversity, richness and quality. We wish all Internet users a great visit.

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