Parents’ Committee

For new parents, the welcome booklet can be downloaded here:
Here is the Committee’s report and information about the Welcome Café:
1 – What is the Parents’ Committee?
The committee has been working on a voluntary basis for many years and is made up of parents of students from the MLF High School in Bahrain.
2 – Who are the members?
Any parent of a student who wishes to do so can be a member of the Parent Committee. A presentation meeting of the Committee in September will define the list of volunteers. This college, once identified and grouped together, elects what could be called an “administrative office” with a few senior members, including: a communications officer, a treasurer, a secretary; who will have to report to other members throughout the year on the results of the various activities, and organize the life of the committee. The other members participate occasionally in the activities, the organization or the preparation of the events themselves; but it is important to note that it is always discussed with all the prospective parents about the main decisions relating to the life of the committee and its objectives within the school. Therefore, the good functioning of this committee depends on the goodwill of each of its members, their availability and their generosity as a rule.
3 – What is the Parents’ Committee for?
It tries to facilitate and develop relationships and communication between parents, teachers and school administration.
To help integrate new students and their families. He is also there to support, support other parents in dealing with the school administration in particular.
To assist (moral and financial) in the school’s administration throughout the year, in order to improve the school living conditions of students and to respond, if necessary, to social, sporting or cultural demands.
To organize, manage and/or coordinate events of an exceptional nature or extra-curricular events, such as kermesse, end-of-year celebrations, environmental week, organisation of social, sporting, playful or cultural activities.
4 – How does he raise money?
By sales of snacks, fruits, books but above all by the organization of a large annual fair.
5 – What is the use of money?
Funds raised throughout the year are used in particular: – for the financing of various cultural events or projects, – for outings or trips.
To contact this committee and possibly join it:

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