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Information about the EPS exam at the baccalaureate

For common education,the training course is organised into a certificate package with three tests. The three tests must fall within three distinct learning fields.
The evaluation and rating of each student in each test is carried out in co-assessment according to the timetable set by the school and the requirements set by the national and academic standards. The scores are awarded in reference to Level 4 (four) of the expected competency repository set by the programs.
Learning fields:
– Achieving maximum measurable motor performance at a given time(CA1);
– Adapting your movement to a variety of environments or uncertain ones (CA2);
– Perform a body performance to be seen and appreciated (CA3);
– Driving and mastering a collective or interindividual confrontation to win (CA4);
– Perform physical activity to develop resources and talk (CA5).

The choice of the 3 activities was decided following a consultation with last year’s first-graders.

BADMINTON CP4: Organizing matches in two sets of 11 points in pools of homogeneous level.
The evaluation focuses for 10 points on the technical quality in the service of tactics, service, speed of movement and variety of strike actions. For 5 points in the effectiveness of strategic choices and for 5 points in winning matches.

CP SAUVETAGE: An event with a timed obstacle course of 200m, extended continuously by the towing of a dummy over a distance of 10 to 40m chosen by the candidate.
The evaluation focuses for 12 points on the chronometric performance on the 200 meters and on respect for the time allotted to towing. 5 points are awarded on overcoming obstacles and the quality of towing and 3 points on the accuracy of a project formulated by the candidate.

MUSCULATION CP5: The test consists of the creation and completion of a weight training session that meets a work objective previously chosen by the student. The student has a training book to fill in throughout the cycle.
The evaluation covers 7 points on the design of his session (balanced and adapted exercises and loads), for 10 points on the achievement (quality of execution and consistent pace) and for 3 points on the analysis of his session (taking a step back on his practice).

P1: SAUVETAGE from 08/09/2019 to 05/11/2019
Event on Tuesday 05 November 2019 from 12:35 p.m. to 2:25 p.m.
(deferred evaluation test on May 17, 2020)
(S-graders will have math on the Sunday 03/11/2019 slot from 7:45 a.m. to 9:35 a.m., ES will be released)
P2: BADMINTON from 24/11/2019 to 04/02/2020
Event on Sunday 2 February 2020 from 7.45am to 9.35am
(deferred evaluation test on May 17, 2020)

P3: MUSCULATION from 16/02/2020 to 21/04/2020
Event on Tuesday 21 April 2020 from 12.35pm to 2.25pm
(deferred evaluation test on May 17, 2020)
(S-graders will have math on the Sunday 10/05/2020 slot from 7:45 a.m. to 9:35 a.m., ES will be released)

Attendance is mandatory, in case of momentary incapacity (justified by medical certificate) the teacher has the choice to refer the student to the deferred assessment.
Please note that in case of incapacity the medical certificate must be provided before the date of the test. Under no circumstances will a certificate received after the fact be granted.
In the event of the candidate’s absence on the day of the test, without admissible medical proof, the student will be awarded a score of 0 for this test (no deferred test in this case).
In the case of partial incapacity the appropriate tests are proposed, but the student must provide a certificate specifying his incompetence as soon as possible. (a copy of a medical certificate will be communicated to students and available on the school’s website as well as at the infirmary)

Optional option: For specialists,(registration is done online later this year.)
The one-time terminal examination is carried out at the end of the year, on an event consisting of a physical performance and an interview.
The physical test is scored on 16 points, in reference to the level 5 of nationally expected proficiency.
The test is open to all candidates (but specialists) registered for the exam regardless of how the mandatory EPS test is passed.
Candidates who are unfit for the mandatory OR unfit PSE test (a one-time exam candidate) will not be eligible to take the optional EPS option.
Advice sheets are available to inform you on the expected level.
Optional activities for the 2020 session: Distance Swimming / Judo / Tennis / Handball/Basketball.

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