We are looking for an Accountant


The accountant assists the Senior Accounting Officer in order to optimize the management of his activity relating to the keeping of budgetary and general accounts, collection, invoicing of the various services of the establishment …
He/she participates in these activities by carrying out in particular monitoring, monitoring and alerting functions.

Main activities

Edit and receive invoices for processing
Manage the update of invoices in accounting databases
Work in collaboration with the collection and collection department

Professional skills and knowledge
§ Essential Mastery of SAGE X3 Accounting
§ Essential Knowledge of Public and Private Accounting
§ Office automation and user computing (Pack office, EDUKA would be a plus,..)
§ Written communication: write and organize all types of common operational documents, mastering the rules of spelling and grammar
§ Oral communication: adapt your language, your messages, to the type of public or interlocutor, express yourself on behalf of the establishment…
§ Fluency in languages: English, Arabic, French
§ Availability: adapts its presence according to the requirements of the management
§ Knowledge of the environment of the establishment
§ Organization and planning: respect organizational procedures, plan its activities in the medium term, manage priorities and hazards.

Professional qualities
§ Confidentiality of the information processed
§ Punctuality
§ Loyalty
§ Availability
§ Autonomy: sense of anticipation, initiative
§ Rigor: organization and method
§ Self-control: self-control, ability to work in an emergency
§ Dynamism
§ Relational quality: sense of listening, courtesy, diplomacy.
§ Sense of teamwork
§ Knowing how to be accountable

To submit your application please read the following text:

Send the complete application with all supporting documents to:

Applications will not be accepted in the following cases:

  • the applicant does not meet all the conditions for applying (listed above),
  • the application is received by the institution after the deadline,
  • the application is not sent in the requested computer format,
  • the application is not fully completed.

Only successful candidates will be contacted.S.


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