At the Lycée Français MLF in Bahrain, a nurse is present full-time.

The infirmary is open during school time.

Everyone is required to present themselves in good health.

The infirmary is a place of care, reception and information.

You are informed of each passage by email with receipt of a jotform card.

If your child is sick, or for any reasons to worry, we call the families.

In the event of a serious accident, the student is rushed to hospital and the family is immediately notified.

Management’s note on the proper use of the infirmary for download.

Medication: No medication should be left in the possession of students. In the event of treatment requiring medication during the hours of the facility, the medication will be deposited by the family with a prescription and taken under the supervision of the nurse.


Medical information sheet to be printed, completed and delivered to the head teacher:

Medical Information 2019-2020 ANCIENS ELEVES

Medical information 2019-2020 New student


Files to download if necessary:

One-time medication authorisation

Medical certificate of sports incapacity

Medical certificate to be completed by a doctor

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