Our Terminale English class had the opportunity to attend a videoconference by Ms Tassi Bella, organized by our head teacher, Ms. Enjalbert.

Ms. Viviane Tassi Bela is an advocate for Women, Peace and Security working around gender analysis as well as political and economic empowerment of women in post-conflict settings. Considering her professional experience at the United Nations and in different NGOs, she centered her speech around Women’s rights on the occasion of the UN #orangetheworld campaign that ran from 25th November till 10th December, perfectly in line with the “Public and Private space” notion studied in the class of Terminale, and illustrating how women have managed over the years to make their way into public life. Through discussion, laughter, and interactive exercises, her presentation brought to light the vision society made us all form on each other, how negative stereotypes pin females and males against each other. Moreover, Ms. Tassi brought awareness to the different types of abuse, physical and verbal, along with how we can try to act upon it today.




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