Cinema and the French International School of Bahrain have a long history.

But why make films at school, first of all because cinema is part of the artistic and cultural education of each student, then cinema allows students to acquire a culture, to have an artistic practice and to discover new jobs.

Finally, it also contributes to the development of the child, by allowing them to express themselves through images on what they perceive, on their projects and their achievements.

The teachers in Bahrain are fully committed to these film projects.

We have participated in the Gulf Film Festival since its inception with great success, each year we have won a prize for our productions.

The school thanks the various participants each year for their commitment.

Before they leave for other horizons, we would like to thank the teachers who have taken part in the various film festivals around the world over the years

Mrs. Parczynski, Mrs. M’Backe, Mrs. Mignot and Mr. Parczynski who left to the school the trophies won in the international festivals, thank you to him for his investment in the cinema projects.

You will find in the link the films presented this year at the festival of Dubai 2021

CM2A « en chantant » :

CM1B « Nom de code COVID 19 » prix spécial du jury 2021

PSA « Mon petit bonhomme »

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