Olympic and Paralympic Week 2021

The French International School of Bahrain, participated in the 5th edition of the 2021 Olympic and Paralympic weekwhich took place from January 31 to February 6, 2021.

The theme of this year’s edition was health and “30 minutes of physical and sports activity per day“.

The goal for the senior classes (27 participants) was to reach the 600 km running target.

Podium :
1. MIGNOT Florentin (TB) : 80,42 km
2. SAADAOUI Bilel (TB) : 58,15 km
3. BENDJANA Abdelmounaim (TB) : 52,89 km

This week also federated the teaching team with 13 participants.

Podium :
1. MIGNOT Chris (PE) : 100,14 km
2. DEMOUGE Jérémy (EPS) : 90,02 km
3. KHASSER Farah (PE) : 81,12 km

To conclude this 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Week, an online questionnaire with 20 questions on the Olympic and Paralympic Games was submitted to the students in their final year.

Congratulations to all for this commitment.
Team EPS


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