Results of the CASTOR 2020 competition

Once again this year, the students of the Lycée Français International de Bahreïn had the opportunity to rack their brains over the challenges of the Castor competition during the week of December 6, 2020. Created in 2004, this mathematical and computer logic competition brings together between 500,000 and 700,000 participants around the world.

From CM1 to Terminale, no less than 325 LFIB students worked on the 2020 edition during the 45 minutes of the test. Some will say that the 12 problems proposed this year were a little simpler than those of last year but this is not the feeling of all and certainly not of the 10 courageous teachers who lent themselves to the game of the contest by making work their meninges! We will note the symbolic first place of Laurent Valdes in this internal competition with a nice score of 438 points out of 480. A friendly nod to the shock duo made up of Valérie Haessler and Odile Manchon who succeed, despite their preconceptions, to get a very honorable 410 out of 480.

The results of the 2020 edition for the LFIB are particularly good and the best students received a diploma in the image of the competition attesting to their score and their ranking.

We would like to congratulate the following students who managed to rank among the top 5% in their category globally:


Akram Ben Belkacem in grade 6C

Juliane Mignot in grade 6C

Aloys Morel Hourdry in grade 6C


Augustin Haessler in grade 7A

Mariam Mohamed in grade 7A

Emma Nijland in grade 7A


Bryan Abi Nakhoul in grade 7B

Ramsey Saneh in grade 7B

Dana Sorour in grade 7B


Baqir Al Makki in grade 8A


Ahmed Abualsaud in grade 9B


Diego Pereme in 10A


Ahmed Almakki in grade 12A (who also obtains the best high school score with 445 points out of 480)


But this year’s prize goes to three of our students who particularly shone in this event. Indeed, their score places them among the 1% best students in their category worldwide! Indeed, their score places them among the 1% best students in their category worldwide!


Olivia Schmitz-Enjalbert in grade 8A with a score of 415 points out of 480. She ranks 418th out of 64,903 participants!


Ilies Djeroudi in grade 6A and Ali Almakki in grade 6C with an identical score of 380 points out of 480. They both rank 345th out of 83,188!


A big BRAVO to the three of them and to all the participants of the 2020 edition!


See you next year !

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