Registrations for new students


** Depending on the student’s year of birth or the decision from his previous school.

Nursery PS : 2016 / KG1-MS : 2015 / KG2 – GS : 2014 / Grade1 – CP : 2013 / Grade 2 – CE1 : 2012 / Grade 3 – CE2 : 2011 / Grade 4 – CM1 : 2010 / Grade 5 – CM2 : 2009 / Grade 6 – 6e : 2008 / Grade 7 – 5e : 2007 / Grade 8 – 4e : 2006 / Grade 9 – 3e : 2005 / Grade 10 – 2nde : 2004 / Grade 11 – 1ère : 2003 / Grade 12 – Tle : 2002

To register your child (ren), please follow the following procedure:

1. Download the registration form below, provide all the requested documents and send them back to the following email address:

2. Pay the sum of 75 dinars / child, administration fees.

3. After validation of the application, please print the financial regulations and the right to the image documents and pay a sum of 550 Dinars / child (300 Dinars Admission fees and 250 Dinars advance on tuition fees). These documents must be signed by the child’s parents.

For more information, please contact the secretariat concerned:


Scholarships (French students): contact the French Embassy in Bahrain.

Additional Information

  • School Fees 2019-2020
Classes Annual Tuition Fees
Kindergarten school PS – MS – GS

Nursery – KG1 – KG2

2200 BD
Elementary school CP-CE1-CE2-CM1-CM2

Grade 1-2-3-4-5

2656 BD
Secondary school 6ème–5ème– 4ème-3ème– 2nde 1ère – Terminale

Grade 6-7-8-9-10-11-12

4099 BD

The tuition fees are payable in three instalments: 1st (40% invoiced in September) – 2nd (30% invoiced in December) – 3rd (30% invoiced in March).

  • School meal fees / Bus fees / extracurricular activities fees / Uniforms / School supplies

Registrations for school meals, extracurricular activities and buses are optional and represent a firm commitment of families. The fees will be split and invoiced in three instalments and are not eligible for a refund in case of cancellation.

School lunch: upon registration (Application form available at the School Administration Department starting september 2019)

School meals are a convenience granted to all students from PS to Terminale.
The school restaurant offers a warm and well-balanced meal which includes a salad, a main course (meat or fish) served with a portion of vegetables and/or carbs, a dairy product and a dessert or fruit.

School transportation: upon registration (Application form available at the School Administration Department starting september 2019 )
The bus service is provided in the morning and in the afternoon, the rate depends on the geographical area.
Zone 1 – (Busaiteen, Amwaj, Manama, Juffair, Adliya, Mahooz ….)
Zone 2 – (Budaya, Reef Island, Saar, Janabiya, Jasra ….)

Extracurricular activities: upon application (online starting september 2019)
Extracurricular activities are 60-minute workshops that take place after the class. To register, a list of different activities will be sent to all families at the beginning of September, December and March.

School uniform
The school uniform is compulsory from PS to Terminale.
It is available at “House of Uniforms” Shop No. 41, New Tala Plaza, Building No. 142 Block No: 328, Road 28, Avenue 29, Segaya, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

School supplies
School textbooks are provided to students at the beginning of the school year and must be returned at the end of each school year. If a book or a textbook is lost or damaged, a penalty will be applied to families in accordance with the terms of the school policies.
Binders and notebooks are provided to students by the school.
The purchase and the use of a tablet (See tablet document) is required from the 6ème to Terminale.
The tablet will be the property of the student and they will have full responsibility for the use of it (damage, maintenance, etc.).

Modality of payment :

–        By cash only bahreini dinar

–        By check payable to Lycée Français MLF de Bahreïn

–        By bank transfer, note NAME of child and send the transfer bank details at

Transfer to the account below


IBAN N° BH64-BBKU-0010-0000-3554-93

Bank details : BBK                     



School Hours

Sunday to Wednesday, Classes start at 7h45 and ends at 2h15.
Thursday, Classes start at 7h45 and ends at 12h40.

Sunday to Wednesday, Classes start at 7h45 and ends at 2h30.
Thursday, Classes start at 7h45 and ends at 12h40.

College & High School
Classes start at 7h40 and ends at 3h30.


Registration Form 2019-2020

Financial Rules & Regulations 2019-2020( to be signed by both parents)

Tablet or laptop specifications (College & High school students)