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Welcome to the French International School of Bahrain (LFIB).

The French International School Of Bahrain (Lycée Français International de Bahreïn) has been open since 1976 and educates 650 students from 40 different nationalities.

We dispenses a French programs in a very international context. With a multilingual course from kindergarten on, each student enjoys exceptional teaching and special attention that allows them to flourish and open up to the world.

LFIB is the only school in the Kingdom of Bahrain approved by the French Ministry of Education. It prepares for the French baccalaureate which gives access to the largest higher schools, universities around the world.

Classified “GOOD” by the Quality of Education and Training Authority (BQA), we are part of the MLFmonde network (French Secular Mission) located in 39 countries of the world.

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