“Meet my hero” in 7eA

Over the last few weeks, 7eAstudents have been working on the theme of the hero in French. After studying the ancient figure of Achilles in class, the students had to choose a historical character who marked them, inspired them and whom they considered a hero.

This activity was carried out in two stages. First of all, the pupils presented the chosen hero using a PowerPoint during a Zoomsession.

They then created a video using the Chatterpix Kids application where they hadto present a hero within 30 seconds. The challenge was not easy: they soon noticed that making a successful presentation in such a short time was harder than they thought and they had to train to do it! All their videos are available on the Youtube channel“Madame Rademackers”. Thanks to them for these videos made in a good mood!

Example on Rosa Parks made by Emma :


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