Project without screens 6th ABC

The sixths arrive at college and learn there to use their computer, their tablet and sometimes their phone to access textbooks and complete the assignments in class or homework at home. They do not yet master all the uses and we quickly see that the school must help them understand that too intense use of all these screens at school, added to their use at home or outside, becomes quickly very addictive and harmful for the stability of children.

This is why, in close partnership with the librarian professor of the CDI, the head teachers of the 6e ABC conducted a project from October to December for each student to analyze their use of screens and suggest small easy ways to reduce dependence on these very practical tools that are now essential in learning, but sometimes if harmfulif not careful.

Here is the work done by the students to serve as a summary of this experience.

Congratulations to all for their commitment, their proposals and their motivation!

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